Digital Artwork

The other day, my son John saw me attempting to create a logo with some Photoshop-type software.  Sensing the possibilities, he asked if he could use the program to draw a picture some time.  Well, last night he got his chance.  I opened up the program and showed him how to move the mouse and hold the left button down when he wanted to draw (with the paintbrush tool).  I also showed him how to undo a line by pressing Ctrl-Z.

At that point, I was called out of the room to do something.  When I returned to the computer a couple minutes later, John already had a picture in the works.  I was startled to see that he already had figured out what several of the other drawing tools were (including the ellipse tool, which he used to draw a cat’s head, body and eyes) and was experimenting with the tools to get different results, pressing Ctrl-Z to undo what he didn’t like.  He was in the process of using the paint bucket tool and the color selector to pick the background color.  Mind you, when I left my seven year old at the computer, I was expecting to return to a quickly-abandoned page full of squiggly black lines.

Anyway, here is John’s final picture.  The only thing I helped him with was moving his selection from the background to the head so he could draw some whiskers and a nose.

Then it was Matt’s turn.  He had a BLAST changing colors and making lines fly all over the place.

John got another turn, which he used to draw a volcano in Hawaii at sunset.  It’s erupting all over a tree next to it.

Matt then set to work on his second creation — if you look close, you can see that he used the text tool to sign it.

It was fun to see them explore this new medium, although I have a feeling they’ll be clamoring to draw on the computer pretty often now.


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