The Bright Side of Being Unemployed

For those who haven’t heard, I recently joined the ranks of the unemployed.  Rather than dwell on the downsides (the ongoing ravages of Blackberry withdrawal, for instance), let’s look at how the glass is half full, shall we?


1.  Free donuts!  I need to find this place . . .

2.  What better way to soften the blow than to get laid off right before March Madness begins?

3.  I always wanted to learn to macrame.

4.  When I lose patience with all the quirky online applications, I get to take the boys on a bike ride.

5.  Jen and I can practice sharing the home computer since I’m temporarily out a laptop.  “Are you done with that yet?”

6.  I feel like I’m swimming in an ocean of possibilities.  Granted, most of them are still inchoate and/or theoretical, but still.

7.  I no longer take my Blackberry everywhere and check it incessantly.  Oh wait, that’s not an advantage.  Moving on . . .

8.  Could be wrong about this, but I think people generally have more sympathy for the unemployed than they do for lawyers.

9.  I think it may be time to take one of those “vacations” I’ve heard so much about.

10.  Did I mention it’s March Madness time?  Go Duke!!


6 thoughts on “The Bright Side of Being Unemployed

  1. Bummer about the laptop and Blackberry. I can’t imagine. I like #8. Looking forward to seeing you in 6 days.

  2. Very creative and funny…you could try stand-up comedy in the interim. 🙂
    Rick was out of work for nine months when Braden was about 4 1/2. We now look back on that time with such fondness, mostly because of the bond that they were able to develop. Braden became his inseparable buddy, running errands, washing the cars…as a matter of fact, Braden pouted for a week straight when his playmate went back to work! We are praying that a new job opportunity will quickly come your way, but also for you all to enjoy the Lord’s blessings along the way!

  3. I cannot believe that out of control facial hair is not on this list. Brian loved that part…the advantage is that you get sad looks from people in public that seem to say “oh, poor guy, he must be out of work..yep.”

  4. Love this. So glad you posted it on Facebook Jennifer! I love your husband’s positive outlook.
    Well, we had a 9 month lay off last year and it was a blessing in many ways. It’s good to find the positive in what most would think is negative. The family time together was amazing! The first few weeks were tough for mom with getting use to my routine being disrupted, but once I got use to having Dad around 24/7 … things were awesome!

    Thank you Shawn for seeing the good!

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