Even More Bright Sides of Being Unemployed

I think it’s high time to break out a few more of the bright sides of being unemployed:

1.  What do you know, it’s another three-day weekend.  Nah, let’s call it a four-day weekend.

2.  Finally got the chance to check out the Orange County Public Law Library.

3.  It’s been interesting trying to explain the concept of being laid off to a four-year-old.  Upon returning from my law library trip, he asked, “Did you get a job?”

4.  Got one of them new-fangled “netbooks.”  Fiendishly difficult to use the touchpad and you have to do far too much scrolling on the tiny screen — other than that, it’s nice.

5.  Had the chance to teach John to rollerblade and Matt to rollerskate.  At least I think that’s who it was.  I couldn’t actually identify anyone through all the body armor.

6.  Still not getting on my wife’s nerves by being around the house so much.  Nope, not at all.  All the time on Twitter, on the other hand . . .

7.  If you haven’t had a truly bad interview, you just haven’t lived.

8.  So many great friends and former colleagues.

9.  The rumors are true.  It’s now possible to walk through my entire garage without risking serious injury, snake bite, lion attack, etc.

10.  Duke has won the national championship during both of the last two years when I haven’t been employed.  Coincidence?  I think not.


2 thoughts on “Even More Bright Sides of Being Unemployed

  1. You are such a stitch, Shawn!! Can’t wait for my next visit — I simply must see that snakeless, lionless garage first-hand.

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