Lebron and Me

When it comes right down to it, I have a lot in common with Lebron James (aside from the obvious physical similarities).  To wit:

1.  Lebron went to play for the Cavs straight out of high school.  I went to work for Howrey straight out of law school.

2.  As of several months ago, Lebron and I both were working for our original employers.  Then, in short order, both of us entered the free agent market.

3.  Lebron has dictated the terms of his free agent courtship, requiring team delegations to come to him instead of traveling to New York, Chicago, etc.  I didn’t make any trips to New York or Chicago to visit potential employers either.

4.  Per NBA rules, teams are limited to giving Lebron gifts worth less than $500.  Similarly, no prospective employers gave me any gifts worth more than $500.

5.  Confusion reigns as reporters everywhere spill gallons of ink speculating about Lebron’s decision.  My kids constantly spilled things while I was home and seemed generally confused about the whole situation.

Eerie, isn’t it?  Despite the similarities, I don’t think there’s any truth to the rumor that Lebron was waiting to see what decision I’d make before choosing his next team.  Nevertheless, just as I led Lebron into the free agent market, I’ve exited the market before Lebron.

Why does all of that matter?  All you Knicks and Bulls fans may want to hold off re-upping those season tickets for a couple weeks.  You see, I’ve accepted Howrey’s offer to return to the Irvine office.  Thus, by my calculations, Lebron is a lock to return to Cleveland.  You heard it here first.


2 thoughts on “Lebron and Me

  1. I believe you forgot to mention, like many of L James pending endorsement offers, your Peet’s Coffee deal is still pending.

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