Tension Breaker

One afternoon on our recent family roadtrip, we were making our way out of downtown San Francisco.  After navigating through heavy surface street traffic, we found ourselves sitting in a long line of traffic waiting to get on the Bay Bridge.

Turns out that an accident had shut down one of the lanes on the bridge, so traffic moved very slowly.  I felt my impatience grow as I watched the occasional car make a run down the taxi-only lane to cut in front.  The air in the car was tense.  Very few words were exchanged.   Twenty minutes or so later when we finally made our way up toward the front of the line, the guy in front of me decided to wait to allow two cars from the taxi-only lane to merge in front of him.

Me (aggravated voice):  “Duuude.”  Our barely-verbal two-year-old, Caden, suddenly pipes up from the back seat:  “Are you kidding me!? . . . Are you serious?”

That was some much-needed comic relief, but I’m thinking he must have picked up the surly attitude from his mom . . .


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