Religious Moralism Kills

Here’s what a friend of mine who’s currently serving in Afghanistan had to say about the Florida pastor’s threat to burn the Quran:

“I do not think that individual knows what kind of reactions that causes here. . . . A couple camps have been attacked in the last few days as a reaction to the minister’s actions.  That minister has brought death to some (I believe only local Afghans) by his words from half a world away.”

That’s what religious moralism gets you.  One pastor’s moralistic indignation over the so-called Ground Zero mosque apparently had the unintended consequence of stoking the fires of religious moralism and violence half a world away.

But really, aside from the incessant media  coverage, is there much difference between that pastor’s Quran burning threat and the “Let’s not forget what 9/11 is really about — the Muslims hate us!” messages that will be preached this morning from pulpits all over the U.S.?


3 thoughts on “Religious Moralism Kills

  1. I wonder how many Christians can explain their political positions and talk about their voting record in detail but can’t explain the gospel and remember how often they’ve shared it in the last month. I wish people would see how damaging this political zeal is to the spread of the gospel. I wish the church would wake up to the fact that Jesus might ask us to give up our rights as Americans in order to live Matthew 28:20. How can we expect people to listen to the gospel when it’s coming from a bunch of political zealots? Why are we fighting the battle on the hill of where a mosque should be placed instead of hitting the streets to spread the good news that Jesus died and rose again so that we might be reconciled to God?

    I realize we’re in an odd position in the US because we do have the freedom to speak out and influence politics. It’s hard to find the right balance between living biblically and exercising the freedom that we are blessed to have. But I think we shouldn’t let the fear that if we don’t fight hard for what we think is right in the political realm drive us to be hard-hearted toward the lost. I’d rather err on the side of allowing my freedoms to dissipate than hinder anyone from coming to Jesus.

  2. As i read stories about Christians being persecuted from the Voice of the Martyrs publication I see that hatred for followers of Jesus Christ is universal. And the victory that overcomes is their faith. Jesus encouraged us to be faithful unto the end. Some mistakenly think like the first disciples of Jesus did that they should take matters into their own hands and “call fire down from heaven” and consume the mockers. As I understand the Bible that action was only reserved for Elisha and the two whitnesses in Revelation. The fire from heaven is a holy fire of judgment reserved for God alone. The only time we see Christians burning anything that pleases God is in the book of Acts 19:18-20. Notice that it is only when the repentent sinner confesses and forsakes their sin that God is glorified and His Word prevailes. When we see former Muslims burning their Korans and receiving Jesus Christ as their only hope of salvation, only then can we say beyond a shadow of a doubt that salvation has come to them. Please pray for their repentance & salvation. “For God is not willing that any should perish, but that All should come to repentance.”

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