Quotable Quotes

Here’s what the first two coaches to be matched up against Duke this season had to say after the games:

Princeton’s Sydney Johnson:

“I don’t know how many teams are going to be able to play with Duke.  There might be 10 teams in the country that can handle all the things that they throw at you. So, good luck to those guys, because Duke’s pretty good.”

Miami of Ohio’s Charlie Coles:

“I knew it would be a tough task for our ball club, because I was wondering before the game — and I’m serious when I say this — how many points can we score against these guys?”


3 thoughts on “Quotable Quotes

  1. I feel SO sorry for these coaches’ players. Can you imagine if you were a player and heard your coach say that? That’s not demoralizing or anything. I think the conversation between coach and player after this interview might go something like this: “Yeah, thanks coach. How about you get out there and work your butt off only to get crushed by Duke and then have your coach insult you? Cuz I’m not feelin’ the love right now.”

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